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Post COVID-19 - How are companies returning to work safely?

A number of resources and guidance tools have emerged over the past few weeks. As with anything else in this world of rapid fire information and resources, we ask ourselves which are truly effective, thoughtful and tested. More importantly, we must determine which are right for our business... One size fits all does not exist!

In our next blog, we will compile a list of resources with our review of what their offering and how they can aid in the safe return to work we are all anticipating.

Considerations will be given to any resources and solutions that meet the following criteria:

  1. Put employee health and trust at the forefront

  2. Deliver evidence based protection

  3. Implement quickly, easily, effectively and cost efficiently

  4. Meet due diligence standards (legal, regulatory, industry)

  5. Contribute to organizational resilience over the long term

These are the criteria organizations need to consider as they choose solutions and plan return to work strategies. In particular, the overall impact to organizational resilience and future planning must be considered over the long term. Finding opportunities in this crisis is possible with strategic thinking and planning.

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